Nobody cares, work harder.

Of course some people care. My mom cares. There was that time at the beginning of my grief when she squeezed the muscles around my neck and said, “You won’t always be alone or feel this lonely… but you’re gonna have to be alone for a little bit.” I was drinking wine. It had been a hard summer.

Even so, divorce is a painfully solo adventure. All the best authorities recommend surrounding yourself with support, precisely because they know (being the best) that isolation is too easy. Continue reading “Nobody cares, work harder.”


A Well-Planted 2018

I have now kept several New Year’s resolutions. In 2015 I read fifty-two books, one per week. I spent 2016 as a vegetarian and in 2017 I didn’t jump off a bridge.

*pats self on back*

I feel myself waisting away. That isn’t a typo, my waist has steadily grown every year after ninth grade – except for that one time I lost 80 pounds in four months. I had illegally purchased meal replacement shakes on the black market (you’re supposed to have a doctor’s approval) and went on to shed significant portions of my muscle and hair along with all that fat. Continue reading “A Well-Planted 2018”